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The School for Temporary Liveness

experiments in practice, performance, and pedagogy

Vol. 3: April 6–8, 2023

The Rotunda and Slought at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Situations for collective study with Lou Cornum, FORTUNE, Jonathan González & Marguerite Hemmings, Adelita Husni Bey, Niall Jones, Kevin Quashie, Andrew J. Smyth, Julie Tolentino, Simone White & Wilmer Wilson IV

Vol. 2: June 15–19, 2020

University of the Arts MFA in Dance

Co-curated with Niall Jones

Situations for collective study with Morgan Bassichis, Tina Campt, rile*, Rebecca Schneider, Julie Tolentino, Simone White, Arkadi Zaides 

Vol. 1: September 25–October 2, 2019

Philadelphia Art Alliance at University of the Arts, Philadelphia

The Classroom: Isabel Lewis

The Library: nora chipaumire

Study Hall: Rizvana Bradley, Jarrett Earnest, Brooke Holmes, Tiona Nekkia McClodden, Colin Self, Ulises, Jackie Wang, Simone White

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