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Essays & Criticism

Incalculable Evidence, The Brooklyn Rail, 2023

Going to ChurchDancing Platform Praying Grounds: Blackness, Churches, and Downtown Dance, 2018

Lauren, Lila, Ginny, Jessi, Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, 2017


Indexing Liveness: The (In)Animacy of Performance, The New Museum, 2015


Rites of Spring, BOMB Magazine, 2013 


emo riot: to retreat from reason, “Provocation,” TDR: The Drama Review, 2023

Flood/ed, co-authored with Niall Jones, Movement Research Performance Journal #58, 2023

Video Viewing Room for after summer, or not in the kitchen, The Kitchen, 2020

more problems with form or, desire notes, or still woman, Wendy’s Subway, 2018


“djamn, jamming, jam…”: A Conversation with Lauren Bakst, Jonathan González, and Marguerite Hemmings, by Laurel McLaughlin, ASAP/Journal, 2023

Dance Talks with Lauren Bakst & Morgan Bassichis, Motor Dance Journal, 2023


Spectator, Participant, Audience, Actor: A conversation between Lauren Bakst and Nova Benway, The Supposium, Litmus Press, 2018


Notes on the School for Temporary Liveness, 2020

Movement Research Performance JournalIssues #47-#51, 2015–2018

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